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Aporta e-knowledge is an information resource center. For the associated professional and Aporta´s Group client.

Main Objective: to be the best knowledge contribution for all professionals, by allowing the most complete search about different subjects and tools; which make the leadership work easier to manage.

Content: Management dictionary, useful advices, tactic notes and articles about different subjects, executive presentations, acces to ask about any strategic management theme, which will be answered by one of our associated consultants, and website links with valuable and strategic information.

1. Management Dictionary
The dictionary consists of the most common words in the management area as well as concepts consulted by the professionals.

2. Useful Advices
A variety of professional and management tips based on the experience.

3. Tactic Notes and Articles
Notes and tactic documents which allow the completion of strategic objectives in a business. Articles with strategic themes for the management and enterprises success.

4. Executive Presentations
Short presentations, developed for training and meetings.

5. Website Links
Website addresses links for different subjects investigations in the management area.



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