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The objective of Aporta Solutions Group is to assess on a professional and confidential level those foreign companies that want to invest in Costa Rica by offering a high level of commercial contacts and strategic solutions on the marketing management.

This objective will be achieved through an adequate management of the commercial relationships that will let the companies manage an efficient business, safe and long-lasting.

Also Aporta Solutions Group offers such conveniences with the support of continuous and updated training in managerial affairs, strategic plans of organization, systems of strategic value, international norms, marketing plans, and promotion of products; all this support based on a competitive perspective.

The main commercial fields represented today are:

  • Constructions Products
  • Pharmaceutical Products
  • Engineering Products of Basic Sanitary Usage

For information of this service, contact Aporta Solutions Group through the following channels.

Phone number PABX (506) 290 2214 /15 /16
Fax (506) 296 0860



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Oficentro Ejecutivo La Sabana, Torre 6, Piso 6, San José, Costa Rica. Tel: (506)290.2215/2216
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