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The following are the courses offered by Aporta Solutions in alliance with Achieve Global.

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  • Customer Service

    • Having extraordinary relationships with the clients
    • Quality in service to the client
    • Quality in service to the client, 'couching'
    • Service strategies to enhance loyalty to the client
    • Managing experience for charging
    • Quality to the eyes' of the client
    • Clearing the clients expectations


  • Sales Maximization

    • PS2000 advance professional techniques for sales
    • Strategies for account development
    • Sales to satisfy the market needs
    • Professional techniques in business
    • Telephone market research
    • Telephone techniques for a satisfactory service for the client
    • Professional techniques for over the phone sales
    • Professional presentations
    • Administration of time and space
    • To become an efficient listener
    • Professional techniques for department and desk sales
    • Basic techniques for sales over the phone
    • Dialogue for sales


  • Managing and Leading

    • Finding solutions with others
    • Positive thinking for negative answers
    • Intelligent work
    • Dealing with changes
    • Group work
    • Creating positive relationships with superiors
    • Dealing with conflicts with the superior and co-workers
    • Getting the support from others
    • Foment innovation to better the company
    • Quality: the workers' place
    • Quality: leadership place
    • Analyze work processes: finding opportunities for the enhancement of the quality
    • Developing team plans
    • Promoting successful meetings
    • Establishing priorities


  • Problem solving and enhancement of the quality processes

    • How to resolve quality enhancement problems
    • Tools and techniques to enhance quality and solve quality problems
    • Dealing with sessions to solve quality problems
    • Applying rules to correct problems
    • Helping your work team get a consensus
    • Having the right position in team work decisions


  • Motivation

    • Establishing expectations for optimum performance
    • Developing individual skills for work
    • Assessing for an optimum performance
    • Updating working skills
    • Keeping customer service good quality, "Coaching"
    • Achieving extraordinary relationships with customers, "Coaching"


  • Team Work
    • Understanding a new task
    • Reaching for help
    • Expressing every point of view, assertiveness
    • Participating in team meetings
    • Keeping the boss informed
    • Defining tasks and responsibilities among the team
    • Leading meetings to exchange information
    • Reaching consensus where team conflicts are present
    • Expansion of team capacities
    • Proactive thought
    • Keeping the team in track for work: tools and techniques
    • Taking advantage of team differences
    • Solving difficult situations in your team
    • The challenge of being a leader for the team
    • Advantages of team work


  • Leadership
    • Basic principles
    • Listening skills to understand clearly
    • Provide feedback to help others
    • The manager role and basic principle
    • Promoting positive feedback
    • Attaining the useful information from others
    • Transmitting one's ideas to others
    • Managing emotional behaviours
    • Praising positive outcomes
    • Supervising: getting the best from others
    • Communication: how to present opinions and ideas
    • Giving and receiving positive feedback
    • Showing recognition
    • Dealing with emotional behaviour, getting the support from others to reach mutual satisfactory results
    • Interpersonal managerial skills
    • From conflict to cooperation
    • Personal Strategies to deal with changes
    • Active listening
    • Basic principles for an environment to work cooperatively
    • A leader inside each person


All seminars are 50% hands-on, with innovative and effective dinamics.




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