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Aporta Group develops alliances with different organizations for the benefit of the clients and the businesses involved. Aporta has solid alliances with the following firms:


Achieve Global Achieve Global

This company is the fusion of three major ones that count on great worldwide recognition: Kasett International, Learning International y Zenger Miller. Achieve Global offers to his clients education and consultancy in the companies strategic objectives development, through solutions for the sales maximization, customer service and leadership. Different Achieve Global Seminars are offered through Aporta Group. For more information contact us.


Data Lab

Organizational Diagnostics
Aporta Group throgh Aporta Solutions SA firm and in alliance with DataLab, offers organizational diagnostics, based on structured questionaries applied to companies personnel and clients. The results are processed through a the Xpertus software, specially designed for each one. Some of the diagnosis offered are:

  • Organization Environment
  • Organization Culture
  • Organization Alignment
  • Leadership
  • Team Work Effectiveness
  • Personnel Satisfaction and Motivation
  • Sales Force Effectiveness
  • Customers Satisfaction and Loyalty
  • 360o Feedback

For more information contact us.




Estrategia sin Limites, Panamá

Estrategia sin Limites is Aporta Group strategic partner in Panama and at the same time our representatives. They offer our services in our neighbor country and give as support in the different project developments in our country and Panama. For more information contact us.





Department, in the area of business, that belongs to the University of Cambridge, England. TCBG offers International Degrees in "Educational Training Industralist" and "Enterprise Management". Additionally, they offer seminars in different areas, such as: Human Resources, Quality, Marketing and Small Business Management. For more information contact us.




Sanford Rose Associates

International Exectuve and Professional Talent Recruitment Company. Sanford Rose Associates gives Aporta support with the VIP Recruitment service. For more information contact us.



Achieve Global Data Lab
Sanford Rose Associates
University of LouisvilleUniversity of Louisville
The Cambridge Business Group, Univ. of CambridgeThe Cambridge Business Group, Univ. of Cambridge
Achieve Seminars

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